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Saturday,21 Oct 2017
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Congressional Diplomacy

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Apart from monitoring the administration policies of the executive branches, the Legislative Yuan and the Executive Yuan also complement each other and remain close partners with each other. Especially in recent years, the People's Republic of China has been imposing imminent and ruthless pressure upon Taiwan in the international community, threatening and tantalizing our allies to sever diplomatic ties with us, blocking our channels for involvement in international organizations, and dominating the formation of regional economic zones to isolate Taiwan. Those actions have put our government in an unprecedented conundrum when advancing foreign relations. It is appropriate and reasonable that the Legislative Yuan, as the branch representing public opinion, should interact with international society; as the international public also supports this type of communication. The legislative diplomacy of the Legislative Yuan in recent years, therefore, has been rather significant.

To form friendly bonds and be connected to the world are the fundamental ideas for the Legislative Yuan in its avocation of legislative diplomacy. Each year, we receive a considerable number of state presidents, state vice presidents, legislative speakers, deputy speakers, parliamentarians, government officials and scholars from all over the world. On average, the Legislative Yuan receives near 6,000 visits from 80 countries a year, and the President, the Vice President and members of the Yuan often call back or participate in international events of importance as formal delegations. Furthermore, the Legislative Yuan also takes pro-active approaches to be affiliated with international organizations. Presently the Legislative Yuan is a permanent observer of Central American Parliament (PARLANCE) and Forum of Speakers of the Legislative Bodies of Central American and Caribbean Basin (FOPREL) as well as an official member of the Asia Pacific Parliamentarians? Union (APPU). Furthermore, the Legislative Yuan is also a member of the legislators' union of the Democratic Pacific Union (DPU). The next objective is to obtain membership of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) and International Parliamentary Union (IPU).

In addition, the Yuan maintains a good bilateral friendship with the parliamentary union in each nation and there are congresses of totally more than 50 countries or areas have formed Taiwan-friendly unions; thus, the legislators of the Yuan have formed more than 50 fellowship associations with the congress of these countries. Such fellowship associations have an impact on those governing bodies and help them to actively recognize Taiwan's performance in democracy and economy. They feedback to international societies, and influence these governments to support Taiwan's participation in international affairs. In order to strengthen the depth and width of such congressional diplomacy, the Yuan has promulgated the "Rules Governing the Award of the Congressional Diplomacy Honorary Medals of the Legislative Yuan" and granted such medals to all Taiwanese and foreigners assisting the Yuan to maintain relationships with the congresses of the world to show our appreciation and encouragement. It is expected to provide more opportunities, build international relations and create a good stage to expound our democratic achievements.

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