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The Legislative Yuan Republic of China
Sunday,29 Nov 2015
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Brief Profile
  Profile of Secretary General Lin

  Always smiling and cheerful, walking as though on wings, quick in thinking and decisive-- this is how Secretary General Lin impresses people at first sight. Not to mention that his thick and powerful palms convince people of his total devotion, hard endeavors and pragmatism.

  As a native of Changhua, Taiwan, Secretary General Lin became the youngest legislator at age 28. In his term, Secretary General Lin did his best to reflect public opinions and supervise government administration; Changhua is an agricultural county where locals are in great need of assistance in developing local industries and promoting local development. Secretary Lin contributes a lot in passing bills concerning agricultural and fishery development, local budgets and other affairs related to people’s daily lives. For his concern about locals and effort in interpellation, Secretary General Lin was elected legislator for 3 consecutive terms during 1990-1999 (1st to 3rd legislatures). During his terms, Secretary General Lin has been the convener of the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee, Economic Affairs Committee, and Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee, a member of Procedure Committee, Chairperson of the judiciary and economics coordination committees at Legislative Yuan of KMT, Senior Deputy Clerk of the KMT party (caucus) at Legislative Yuan, and Deputy Chief of the KMT coordination committee at Legislative Yuan.
  Right after Jin-Pyng Wang became President of the fourth legislature in February 1999, Secretary General Lin won the trust and reliance of President Wan and was invited to be the Secretary General of the Legislative Yuan, for both his equal share of literacy and experience and his deep acknowledgement about legislative affairs.

  Secretary General Lin devoted himself to assist President Wang in legislature management. His performance is witnessed by his dedication to revisie the Organic Laws of Legislative Yuan and goes further to reengineer the organization. Moreover, he reviews the systems and rules of government officials. As a result, the organization of the Legislative Yuan became more reasonable and is now operated more efficiently.
  Secretary General Lin also spared no pain to improve the office environment of legislators and to beautify the site of the Legislative Yuan; as well as to reform the document program and promote document management automation. He also improved the quantity and quality of data collection and assessment reports for bills and budgets which were offered by the Organic Laws and Statutes Bureau and Budget Center. In order to promote congressional information digitization, Secretary General Lin founded the Information Technology Department to vigorously promote the e-legislature. Within an extremely short period of time, the broadband Internet system of the Legislative Yuan was completed and the floor multimedia and on-demand video system was implemented. Even now, the implementation of several IT systems is still in progress.

  Concerning historical tradition,and artistic culture in the congress, Secretary General Lin established the Assembly Affairs Museum to maintain and make public the historical data of the legislature and continued the archival work of the Legislative Yuan. In cultural and art aspects, Secretary General Lin implemented the art gallery program inside the Legislative Yuan to exhibit the works of famous artists and colleagues. Artworks are also displayed along the arcade in the office area to improve the overall quality of the office environment.

  Seeing that administrative workers used to be passive at work and were thus unable to meet the requirements of legislators, Secretary General Lin instructed all committees, the General Affairs Department, Secretariat, Personnel Department, Information Technology Department, Parliamentary Library and other administrative units, to voluntarily contact legislators to find out what they need and their problems, and shall report back their feedbacks immediately to the administration in order to provide the best services for legislators. Secretary General Lin is also concerned about the enhancement of HR. Apart from optimizing all kinds of the employees’ benefits, including the health care for illness and injuries meetings .There are also various training programs organized for newcomers to understand the the Legislative Yuan in practice, and for senior colleagues to review their professional knowledge regarding meetings, the organic laws and statues of the legislature and budgets. During the session break, Secretary General Lin organized computer skill trainings and keynote speeches as on-the-job training to upkeep HR quality, and to meet the demands of the increasing workload and thereby enhancing the administrative efficiency of the legislature. Privately, Secretary General Lin never forgets to enrich his knowledge. Therefore, he completed the graduate program of the Graduate Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning at Chinese Culture University, and earned his master’s degree. This is an excellent example for lifelong learning.

  When ex-Premier Chun-hsiung Chang made one-sided announcement to cease the NPP IV Project on October 2000, the Legislative Yuan considered that as an act that violated the constitution. At the sitting, legislators made a resolution to request the Control Yuan to impeach Chang and relevant personnel for their delinquency.. The Executive Yuan thus applied to the grand justice of the Judicial Yuan for a constitution interpretation. Later, on 15 January 2001, the grand justice completed the interpretation and documented the results in Grand Justice Interpretaion No. 520. On February 14, the Executive Yuan announced the resumption of the NPP IV Project. On May 15, the Control Yuan determined that the suspension of the NPP IV Project was illegal and thus corrected Executive Yuan by the law. To defend the legislative power endowed to the legislature in the constitution during the dispute, Secretary General Lin led the relevant staff to discuss the concerning problems and solutions, day in and day out, in order to help President Wang and other legislators to claim their appeal and respond to the claim of Chang. Under the leadership of Secretary General Lin, the NPP IV Project resumed and the Executive Yuan was requested to make a correction by the Control Yuan. Regardless of his great achievements, Secretary General Lin said humbly that he was just doing his job as the chief staff of the legislature, to maintain the legislative power, to defend the rights of the legislature, and to ensure that the constitution should never be challenged. He is in the full conviction that mutual respect among government agencies and carrying out administration by the law are the only ways to maintain and protect the rights and benefits of the people. This is Secretary General Lin, a person fights for the balance of power in democracy according to his belief and faith.
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