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Each year the Legislative Yuan shall hold two sessions of its own accord during the following Constitution regulated periods: from February to the end of May, and from September to the end of December. Whenever necessary, the sessions may be prolonged as decreed by the law. The members report to the Legislative Yuan on February 1and September 1each year for the sessions. The opening date of each session shall be decided through negotiations of all party caucuses. Incase of re-election due to the State President's dissolution of the Legislative Yuan, members shall report to the Yuan starting from the 3rd day after the election results have been officially confirmed and they shall assemble on the 10th day. Should anything of great importance come up during the recess, the Legislative Yuan may resume its session upon the request of no less than one-fourth of its members. In addition, an extra session may also be held either upon the request of the State President or upon the request of no less than 1/4 of the Legislative Yuan members.


If the Legislative Yuan is dissolved, an election for new members shall be held within 60 days, according to the Additional Articles of the Constitution. After the official confirmation of election results, the newly elected members shall assemble within 10days.


Should the Executive Yuan request the Legislative Yuan to reconsider the passage of a bill when the Legislative Yuan is in recess, the Legislative Yuan shall convene of its own accord within seven days. Following the dissolution of the Legislative Yuan by the State President but prior to the inauguration of new members, the Legislative Yuan shall be regarded as in recess.


However, should the State President issue an emergency decree after dissolving the Legislative Yuan, it shall convene of its own accord within three days.