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Petition is the most direct way to for the legislature to gain access to public opinions. Following the tides of democracy, petition cases from the people to the Legislative Yuan also rise in number. Should the Secretariat receive a written petition, it shall send it to the Procedure Committee for examination to see if the format conforms to related petition regulations or something else must be supplemented. Should a petition case falls outside the jurisdiction of the Legislative Yuan, it shall be sent to appropriate authorities to be dealt with. Should a petition case be a matter of government administration, it shall be replied accordingly. Should a petition case be non-applicable, the petitioner shall be so informed. Should a petition case pass the format examination by the Procedure Committee, it shall be referred to the concerned committee to determine whether it shall become a bill. Petition-turned bills shall be listed on the bill agenda as matters for discussion by the Procedure Committee. After the general discussion, these bills shall be referred to appropriate committees for examination or sent directly to the Second Reading, or excluded from further discussions.